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London Boat Show - 8th to 18th January

Website Address:  London Boat Show

The club is trying to organise a trip to the London Boat Show where it's rumoured that Robbie Naish and some of his team riders will be making an appearance at the Extreme Sports Village.
We are also hoping to get to cheer on our local windsurf Sonya who will be in the first indoor windsurf event for many years.

If any is interested in going please contact the where you will be added to our mailing list and will be infromed once more information is known


The RNLI DAY has been finalised - Sun 28th Sept 2003 -- after Poole windfest nicked our last date and the RNLI support PR trailer & surf simulator we have had to rescheduled to the 28th September 2003 (the windy season) - lots being planned, it WILL be a great family day out for all windsurfers / kitesurfers / buggy-boy's / land-boarder's etc - and also their friends and family's as well....

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As the event is to raise money for the RNLI we are looking for local / corporate sponsors, big or small, to set up stands to punt their stuff in exchange for a small donation to the RNLI. Anyone with contacts who we can contact that may be interested please forward names onto me John Malone; windsurfingsoutheast@hotmail.com and I'll forward them on to our RNLI event organiser Claire Jordan-Hawes.
Local press / trade magazines will be covering the event so company exposure is guaranteed - hope to get ESSEX Radios Black Thunder's to turn up on the day as well.

Events and Highlights are as Follows: -

  • The main event is a sponsored windsurfing relay race starting around 3pm (high tide), all local windsurfers are invited to take part. You can either obtain sponsorship or pay and make a donation (min 5). Sponsorship forms available from Wet and Dry Boardsports at Saddlers Farm, Basildon.
  • The Essex Kitesurf club will he holding an 'Expression Session', local kiteserfers are invited to take part to show off their skills. Again the need to obtain sponsorship or pay a donation.
  • There will also be displays of Powerkiting ad bugging.
  • Local watersport dealer will be attending displaying all the latest kit. The RNLI will have a water safety stand and be selling souvenirs
  • Non participants are invited to come along, and hopefully make a donation to the RNLI.
  • Last year the Southend life boat was called out .. times, ... of those occasions were to the aid of windsurfers and kitesurfers. This is an opportunity for all local water users to make a contribution. The main idea is to have fun and raise money for the Southend Lifeboat. 

Pete Cabrinha is coming to Wet 'n' Dry

Pete Cabrinha one of the worlds legends of Kite surfing who also has a very popular kite range is making a flying visit Wet 'n' Dry on Wednesday 10th September between 10am and 12pm.

He will be avaliable to answer questions about the sport and sign autographs.

White Air OCTOBER 30th - NOVEMBER 2nd

This has now become an annual trip to cover the competition, last year we witnessed gale force winds,still had a great time. Anyone wishing to receive booking info on this event should contact Simon , discounted ferry crossings and which hotel we are booking into etc.

Website Address:   White Air

Isle White Results

This year saw some of our members entering the events at White air as well as well over 15 members turning up over the weekend to cheer use on.


Free yourself from pain!

Thursday was dull, this was the day planned for the Pro-Fleet Kitesurf preliminary rounds. After registration riders were told to report back later in the day after the wind situation could be gauged.
Later that day it was deemed to dangous with high tide, and all riders were told to report back at 08:15 the folloing morning.

Friday saw a no wind day for us all, while some of us stayed down at Sandown, others went on a recognisance mission for the club. This included sampling the local public houses hospitality and to find a new club mascot. Attempts to obtain a 2 meter stuffed fish mounted at the end of the pier and a wooden sea gull on top of a local guest house roof were abandoned. The other alternative was to travel further round the island to watch the surfing competition with reported waves of 20ft.

In the afternoon the Extreme mountain boarding display had started which basically consisted in a load of nutters hurling them selves down a 20ft vertical ramp and over another one. The crowd was egging the guys on to perform more and more daring tricks which mostly ended in them landing on the tarmac car park and taking most the skin off there hands, then limping back for another go much to the crowds delight.
This did however inspire our Gary to go and buy one of these bad boys. He was told that he could have a go on the ramp but only once more fencing was bought in to move the crowd back 30 meters and the ramps had been reinforced. 

The Evening saw a return to the famous Jolly Sailor, where the stains from the previous year could still be seen on the walls. The locals seemed to be allot less scary and some could be even classed as attractive due to the Halloween fancy dress night in full swing when we arrived.

Picture taken by an unknow source at the event. The picture dipicts Alen dressed in what is now know as a gimp mask, which was given to him by the DJ for winning the 'Dance like ya dad' competition

Saturday was bright and sunny which was more than you could say about the majority of the group who were suffering badly with Nick leading the 'How many locations can you throw up' and 'Longest ever amount of time pumping up a kite' Competition. People turned up to breakfast in the order in which they managed to finally get to sleep the night before, with several missing breakfast altogether.

Finally we had some wind but due to the wind direction the competition was moved around to Ryde. With Shallow water, sandy beaches and plenty of room the majority of us managed to get out riding for about half hour before the wind dropped. Also the first of the pro's where out performing multiple rotations and some amazing moves to inspire us all.

Saturday night saw a slow start as some of us were still trying to sleep off the hangovers from the previous night. After a breif guest apperance from the Essex Kitesurf Club to the event party it was back to our local 'The Jolly Sailor'. Through the night 107 Southenders that were down on holiday intrduced them selfs and then appolagised to Alen for there opinions expressed to him about is dancing the night before.

Sunday brought gale force winds and rain along with Gary and his wallet. The Shops made a killing with Gary buying cloths for the whole family. The Big Air competition started about ten with winds gusting up to 40mph the whole group saw some absolutely massive jumps from all the riders including our very own Jon Dodds, who went on an won the event.

Well done to Jon Dodds (1st Hangtime) + Steve Davidson (3rd Amateur Freestyle)

All in all another great year in the Isle of White with all waiting in anticipation for next years event

After this years successful trip, we are planning the return, same time end of March 04 and same place. Spaces will be limited and those who survived this year will be given the opportunity to book on, last year we had twelve and all worked well.

We are increasing the number to eighteen this year, to be placed on the list please contact Simon. First come etc, deposit will be 60 payable in October when the flights are booked. This is non refundable! Flight will be around 420, accommodation is around 160 for the week, 25 UK transfer and $30 Dominican transfers (will be collected at time of booking) and $10 entry to country tax, you may get caught by airline for carriage of your equipment (approx 35). Food and drink are cheap so 400 will more than cover it, extra activities are available i.e. wakeboarding is $70

See Last Years Pictures

Club days

Club days will be held down East beach unless other wise stated and consist of a free bar-b-q for members and a surf if the wind and weather permits.

Club days are currently Planned for :

Club day 15th June; ht 1400 5.8m

Club day 6th July; ht 17.56 5.2m

SMAC windsurfing demo day 19th July; ht17.18 5.3m (kitesurfer wanted to do a demo! Lester?)

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